Atlantic Coastal Movers based in Portland, ME offers moving, packing, junk removal, and demolition services to get you moved quickly into a new location.

Atlantic Coastal Movers: 24-Hour Residential & Commercial Movers

Residential & Commercial Moving, Junk Removal, & Demolition Services

When it comes to fast, safe, and secure residential and commercial moving, packing, demolition, and junk removal, Atlantic Coastal Movers provides services you can rely on. We are able to get you moved out of your old house or office and into your new one in record time, as well as remove clutter, debris, and other junk from any room or building. From moving pianos to demolition, garbage cleanout and removal, and everything in between, our dedicated staff is the most qualified and experienced professionals to handle any job. Call (207) 523-9790 today for more information!

Atlantic Coastal Movers based in Portland, ME takes great pride and care in  packing and moving your possessions.

Moving Services in Portland, Maine, & Surrounding Areas

Atlantic Coastal Movers offer the best moving services in Portland, Maine, and the surrounding areas. Our friendly staff always takes great care in packing and moving the contents of a home or office, regardless of how big or small they might be. When it comes to moving pianos, pool tables, safes, or any other heavy objects, Atlantic Coastal Movers are the ideal professionals to handle the job. We are able to move, pack, or ship heavy equipment and furniture safely and securely, ensuring everything that is moved is protected, intact, and left completely undamaged. Our movers are quick, reliable, and sure to impress anyone who takes advantage of our expert services!

Atlantic Coastal Movers based in Portland, ME are available 24 hrs a day to remove unwanted junk and de-clutter any area for you.

Atlantic Coastal Movers Junk Removal Services

Junk removal for garages, basements, attics, job sites, and in the home can be a time-consuming hassle. Atlantic Coastal Movers are conveniently available 24 hours a day for any junk, debris, or clutter removal. Working carefully and efficiently, our experienced professionals will quickly and safely de-clutter any home, garage, or job site. Unused or broken equipment, old furniture, or any unwanted junk filling up your attic, basement, garage, or house can not only be an annoyance, it could also pose dangerous fire and safety hazards as well. Allow the reliable and efficient professionals at Atlantic Coastal Movers to instantly transform any cluttered or disheveled space into a clean, safe, and open environment by calling us at (207) 523-9790 today!

Atlantic Coastal Movers based in Portland, ME also provides both interior or exterior professional demolition services.

Interior & Exterior Building Demolition Services

Since 1988, professional interior and exterior demolition services for sheds, garages, and other buildings from Atlantic Coastal Movers in Portland, Maine have been and continue to be the ideal choice for anyone looking for a safe, efficient and clean job. We demolish any structure for any home safely and quickly, clearing rubble and clutter as we go. For fast and reliable demolition services, contact us any time!